Dark Side

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November 8, 2014 by Arumsari Veldman

When you look to the sky and it is only dark

When there are no stars and no moon can lead you

When you look around and nobody around you

When your mind drifting so wild and u feel so scared


No happiness in your mind

No brave in your soul

No strength in your heart

No more love in your life


The day become a dark puzzle that you have to reform it on

The life become a sad story and novel that you write it on.

The love become a game that you play on.

And the happiness that you think it won’t come to you


What’s the matter? That’s all about the darkness.

The darkness in your life

The darkness in your heart

The darkness in your part of your life


Life it’s the complicated thing that I have through it on.

I pray, I do activities, but nothing that make me happy or calm in my heart.

I did a mistake that has been affecting my life right now.

Can I forgive it? Can I forgive myself about a mistake that I made?


How the way… How?


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Arumsari Veldman

Arumsari Veldman

I have a dream to be a traveller. Currently, I still live in Indonesia (Bandung-West Java) and I'm going to move to The Netherlands soon. This blog may be still so much far from perfect grammar. But I'll do the best. So enjoy my blog!

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