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October 26, 2014 by Arumsari Veldman

Hi folks !
Suddenly I want to share about our public transportation that I know. As long as I life I have ever been only in Indonesia and Netherlands. So, if we want to compare about the public transportation about those countries, we can do that. Because as long as we know those countries are different in much part of system include system of transportation. And in this post I want to share about how to use Indonesian public transportation. Ya, I’m quite expert in to use Indonesian public transportation, of course because I am Indonesian 😉

So, let’s we begin with my country’s system transportation. We have crowded public transportation. Why do I say like that? because as long as u know (for you who ever been in Indonesia) public transportation can stop everywhere except bus way in Jakarta (Trans Jakarta) and Yogyakarta (Trans Yogya) and train. We have angkot (abbreviation from Angkutan Kota) this can can carry you up to somewhere in the same city. For example in Bandung if you want to go to one mall to another mall u can use angkot. Angkot is cheaper than taxi (comparison +/- 2:5). But the things that you have to know are where u should get in and get out from angkot and how much the cost and also the color of angkot because it could be a sign for direction where you want. We have angkot station also but it seem doesn’t work. Angkot still can stop to carry passengers up or carry them out. Because of that, sometimes we can see much traffic jam spots in Bandung.  Sometimes that ever made me so annoyed was when the angkot driver lied to me and took so much price for my trip in the city. But the honest drivers are still there also. And you will never see angkot in Netherlands.


source: http://www.instructables.com

Bus. This is quite famous public transportation in the whole world include in Indonesia and Netherlands. In Indonesia we can use bus for carry u up from one city to another city and bus in the city it self. And it’s the same with angkot that bus can stop everywhere. And we don’t have any definitely stop areas like in Netherlands. In Netherlands you can see much halteus or small terminals and inside of the bus we can see the screen how long our trip and what terminal that we will stop next. And Indonesia is not like that. The possibilities get lost is very big! :O
But the things that you have to know … In Jakarta and Yogyakarta, you can see busway (Trans Jakarta and Trans Yogya). It has similar system like bus in Netherlands, we have certainly terminals and inside of the bus you can know the route and the terminals that you can stop and get out from the bus. And its cheap also, you can use busway around whole Jakarta only 3500 rupiah. It’s cheap for us as Indonesian also. And don’t compare the price with Netherlands because it’s very big comparison >_<

TransJakarta in Indonesia

source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:TransJakarta_Bundaran_HI.jpg

Conexxion in Netherlands


source : https://www.flickr.com/photos/arthur-a/3313928732/

And other public transport is train!

Yep, this is the most favorite public transportation wherever I go. You can see train in Indonesia is very conventional and train in Netherlands is very modern. But nowadays train company in Indonesia is getting better. No more overload passengers even several years ago I often took train with full people inside and full people on roof of the train! Everybody seem got their own seat but the price is getting high. Everybody who wants to get a ticket, they should come earlier that others because train company only sell the tickets with quota. For me the things like these has to be appreciated because they teach people to be more discipline about time. And I have been seeing much people already realize that queuing is important for the last months. I think if people here more discipline about much things and the company is getting better we could use “ov-chipkaart” system like in Netherlands. What is ov-chipkaart? ov-chipkaart is a card that has balance money inside that can pay your travel with public transportation. So it has connection with your bank account. And for me ov-chipkaart is cool system. So we don’t have to queuing to buy ticket and took more time anymore. Just put on machine and then automatically you have payed your trip. I have one, although I haven’t had Netherlands bank account yet I can make it with my husband’s help. My ov-chipkaart can automatically loaded if it’s no balance anymore, and it takes balance from my husband’s account. And it’s helpful for children or whoever who doesn’t has Netherlands bank account.

This is picture that I have that show you how comfortable Netherlands train with my ov-chipkaart.


And this is picture that I got from Indonesia train, it’s like new modification of facilities in train.

WP_20141015_005It has air conditioners like in home and sound system inside. For me it’s quite new “atmosphere” inside of the train. The ticket price is 10000 rupiah for about 20-30 km travel its maybe about 70 cent euro. Even though it’s not the same comfortable like in Netherlands train, but well you can safe until your destination and it’s much more comfortable than in the past years.

Whatever it is public transportation I would like to use it wherever I go because I can feel how to be a local people who use public transportation. I’m happy being like that 🙂

Maybe if I have any opportunity, I would like to try public transportation in India, China, Japan, Mongolia, Afrika or where ever.  Cheers, see ya! 🙂


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