Making Schengen Visa – Membuat Schengen Visa

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October 26, 2014 by Arumsari Veldman

Hi Folks!

Like usual, my head talks about something that I want to share with you here. For make my writing is going to be better, I want to share things as much as I can 😉

I want to share about how to make Schengen Visa in The Netherlands embassy in Jakarta-Indonesia. Well, maybe for some part I will make translate to Bahasa, little bit. Just to make it easy to be read by Indonesian people.

There are much blogs about people who had the same experience also. Now, I’ll make it the same with my tips and tricks that I did.

First, you have to make appointment in internet. It’s very important because for make every single hour efficient for every single person (buat janji dulu di internet). This is the site:

In this case, I ever made appointment in summer about Mei-June-July. And it was really full and hard to make appointment because much people that want to study abroad, holiday like me, or whatever their business. So, because it was so hard to make it, I made it with “agent”. So, there is always another way that make it possible (don’t be pessimistic, gals!). There was somebody that had time to always check the site out and he/she must had very good speed internet. And then he/she could sign me up. And finally, I got appointment! But yes, I had to pay. Well, it was little bit expensive but I could get that appointment and the price was not really matter.

Second, prepare your documents (Siapin dokumennya dulu, list dokumennya ada di bawah ini ya…).

This is the documents that I gave:

1. Visa application form

Technically, every ambassador has it and you can ask it and fill it up with pen in embassy itself. But I prefer to prepare it before I go to embassy and fill it up with computer. You can download the visa application form here. Anda bisa mendownload formulir aplikasi pengajuan visa disini:

2. Your passport that still available for next 6 months.

Paspor anda yang masih berlaku setidak-tidaknya untuk 6 bulan dari tanggal pengajuan visa.

3. Sponsor’s passport.

4. Invitation letter from city hall where your sponsor’s lives.

Undangan dari balai kota tempat sponsor tinggal

5. Personal invitation letter from sponsor itself.

Undangan pribadi dari sponsor. Your sponsor can write it with computer and sign it up.

6. Sponsor’s work contract

7. Sponsor’s salary for last 3 months

8. Sponsor’s bank account for last 3 months

9. Your family letter (KK –Kartu Keluarga)

10. Your birth certificate (akte kelahiran)

11. Married certificate with translate (if your relation with sponsor is spouse)

Sponsor saya adalah suami saya, jadi saya menyertakan buku nikah saya beserta translatenya ke dalam bahasa belanda dengan penerjemah tersumpah. Saya sudah melegalisir kedua buku nikah saya ke kementrian agama, kementrian hukum dan ham, kementrian luar negeri,dan ke kedutaan belanda.

12. Travel Insurance

It’s better if you use big insurance company to make this travel insurance such as AXA, Allianz, ACA, etc. Nowadays there are several insurance company that has facility to make travel insurance via internet. So, don’t be worry about your time to go to company building.

Sebaiknya anda memakai perusahaan asuransi yang sudah terkenal. Biasanya jika si petugas tidak tahu dengan perusahaan yang anda pakai, petugas akan menyarankan anda untuk memakai jasa asuransi yg cukup besar lainya seperti AXA, Allianz. ACA, dll,

13. Booking ticket RETURN

It’s important to have booking ticket. It’s for preventing from illegal tourist. But don’t pay it first. Search booking site that give you free cost for your booking ticket.

Sebaiknya anda membuat booking tiket tanpa membayar terlebih dahulu. Tunggulah sampai visa anda diterima oleh kedutaan. Berikut situs-situs yang terpecaya dan berbaik hati jika anda ingin membuat booking tiket dengan gratis. Dan anda bisa membeli tiket melalui situs tersebut agar tidak repot.

There are site that trustworthy and very kind that give us free facility to book our flights! And you can buy ticket with that site itself. The price is very standard and sometimes they have any promotion so you can get any discount!

14. Travel Itinerary Paper

You can get it in embassy.

For you that who doesn’t has any sponsor you can make yourself as a sponsor. You have to give the evidences that you have money, at least 34 euro per day. So if you want to stay in Schengen area for 5 days, you have to have money 34 * 5 = 170 euro. I think it’s not include ticket and hotel. As long as I know for you who want to go to Schengen area without sponsor, the documents is similar just change all sponsor documents with your documents.

Untuk anda yang ingin apply visa untuk turis tapi tanpa sponsor, berikut diataranya dokumen yang harus dibawa, untuk lebih jelasnya anda bisa melihat situs kedutaan belanda lansung.

So this is it:

  1. Visa Application Form

In point 33 you have to choose that yourself as a sponsor

  1. Your passport
  2. Your bank account for the last 3 months
  3. Accommodation like booking hotel. According blogs that I ever read, you can book it here
  4. Your letter from your work that you are active employee in your company
  5. Your salary for last 3 months
  6. Your itinerary schedule with details like your train or flight schedule in Schengen area.
  7. Your family letter (KK –Kartu Keluarga)
  8. Your birth certificate (akte kelahiran)
  9. Booking tickets
  10. Travel Insurance
  11. Pas photo 45mm x 35 mm
  12. Bank reference

For all the documents that you need, you can see embassy’s site directly.

Third, Interview day

Make sure that you don’t come late. Because once you are late, you have to make new appointment! You have to stand in the line outside (out of the gate) of embassy until security let you in. And you have to direct ask the queue number. And you can take photo in the corner of the waiting room. The photo must be 45 mm x 35 mm length to width. Make sure your electronic devices are off because security will comes to you if they see you use any electronic device (based on my experience, I was sitting and then I got SMS and suddenly security came to me and ask sarcastically to shut down my cell phone. Well, maybe it’s the system for make everything safe in embassy.

Pastikan anda tidak datang terlambat dan mematikan ponsel anda.

Many experiences if you have morning appointment like 8 a.m. or 8.30 a.m. you can get your visa in the evening if your documents are complete. But I got schedule in 10.30 so I had to take it out the next day after interview day. It was little bit terrible for me because I live far from Jakarta, well it’s not really far but if we calculated the money that we had to spent return Bandung-Jakarta, and time for the traffics it was annoying. Better I wait for 5 hours and then back home than if I have to back to Jakarta to the next day. Terrible.

There are several queues in embassy to get your interview. First, in waiting room and then in interview room. There are several lockets where you get interview. They will ask your purpose, who will cover your live during you stay in Schengen area, etc. When I got interview I just got less questions. Just “why do you want to come to Netherlands? Why you haven’t processed the MVV yet?” just it. For your information, MVV is long term visa. Usually people who already married with Netherlands people they process for MVV, and I haven’t done it yet because I need to do language test first.

And then you have to pay visa 60 euro, but you have to pay it in rupiah depends the rate in that time. I had to pay around 950000 rupiah. U have to pay it with exact fare.

Anda harus membayar sekitar 950000 rupiah dan pastikan uang anda pas.

Don’t forget

The next day when you take your visa, I suggest you to bring some drink and chips. Because it would be so long waiting >_<

And ta… da… finally I got visa for 1 year 🙂 (it means that I can stay in Schengen area for 90 days per semester)



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