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October 25, 2014 by Arumsari Veldman

Hallo, folks!

It’s been long time I didn’t write any blog. I think it is the right time to begin and continue much things in this world. Start blogging 😀

First of all I’m so sorry about Gayatri Wailissa. Rest in peace, you are amazing inspirator for much people! Gayatri Wailissa is a teen from Indonesia who can speak 14 languages in the world. She is a great inspirator for other teens. Sometimes I was envy to her because she can able to speak much languages and I just can speak Indonesian, English, and little bit Dutch. Even I have to work very hard to learn it. I want to be like her and never to stop to learn languange, but she is gone 😦

This is the link that I got from youtube:

Like Gayatri, learning languages is very interesting for me include learning in a blog (in this blog). I’ve been taking English course for 2 months now. I have been learning for grammar in this course. Present tense, simple past & continous tense, perfect tense, etc. For talking I might be good but for writting especially in academic system it’s terrible for me.

Much advantages that I can get with living in this century. I can make a blog and writting like I said. For me blog is like “open school” that we can get teacher that may be they can teach us about writting with free :p . So, don’t ever think to suicide your self and stop to live in this century. >_<


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Arumsari Veldman

Arumsari Veldman

I have a dream to be a traveller. Currently, I still live in Indonesia (Bandung-West Java) and I'm going to move to The Netherlands soon. This blog may be still so much far from perfect grammar. But I'll do the best. So enjoy my blog!

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