AB Blood Type Personality and Me

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April 22, 2014 by Arumsari Veldman

I just read a group in facebook about blood typer personality. I read about mine. AB. YES!

This is what they say :

Type AB: Two faces

The Noppons consider the character of the AB blood type as being two people in one. On one hand, those that have this blood type are precise and efficient. Despite a phlegmatic appearance, they are also open, welcoming, smiling. Sometimes this is just a facade. Being delicate and susceptible, they make up a false image to protect themselves. They are able to hide their feelings.

CHARACTER: those with this type go from one extreme to another. Outside, they like changes, friends, entertainment, they are often the center of the party, but, on the inside, they look much more serious. Pacifists, artists, having a sense of justice and being driven by the need to communicate, they are very adaptable to situations.


PROFESSIONALLY: they have an artistic sense, diplomacy and an adaptability to new situations. Intuition allows them to analyze and solve the thorniest problems. They don’t like inactivity and are able to work until exhaustion.

HANDICAPS: they tend to take risks when it comes to making a decision, they make trenchant observations. They do not give up but have difficulty facing tense relationships, aggression and especially having their capacities being put to doubt..

SENTIMENTALLY: dreamers, idealists, sometimes immature, love for them is a fairytale and they wait for the Prince or Princess to take the first step.

The most part of that conjectures are true. At least it’s right for my self. But do I have artistic sense? I don’t think so. Sometimes I don’t have good taste for choosing t-shirt and pants or I don’t know how to make a good color combination. But, I like decoratation. I like design interior. 🙂

It’s true that sometimes I’m smiling, open, and very welcoming. But inside, I often feel lonely and more serious about everything. But inside of my heart I don’t want to got trapped as a serious person or too much cheerful person. I don’t want to be a part of them. I just want to be free !

The interesting one is about sentimentally character. I got them all in my soul. I’m dreamer, idealists, sometimes immature, and fairytales work in my life! Yes, maybe for several people will think this is the immature part. But for me it is the true life. I do believe with this stuffs. About prince who will come with white horse to get you to through the life together in castle. In fact, yes. I found him. Eventhough he doesn’t ride any horse but he ride any plane. For me as AB’s blood type.. everything is possible!


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Arumsari Veldman

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