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April 18, 2014 by Arumsari Veldman

I can’t wait to write something again here.
I’m writing in the loud sound of the rain outside.

Here we go…

I’ll let you know about the condition right now on the street in front of my house.


Yes, you can see that FLOODING is everywhere. But we are lucky, water never get inside the house, only on the street. But some my neighboors are not lucky, their house floor is lower than street. So, water just come in easily. As you can see, the water is dark and some part is brown. I don’t know exactly what kind of dark it is, but the brown one I think it comes from soil.


Actually, this flooding has been happening since I moved here 16 years ago. As long as I live here, it never changed. Goverment made something “solution” already. They made street higher. But I think it’s not the real solution because flooding is just never stopped. The higher street just “moves” water to other street and make the other street flooding.

Meanwhile flooding is getting higher in front of my house, main access to go to my home is always flooding and much worst. The last time I heard about it there, people said the height of water is on ur chest. WOW! That’s mean you can’t go to my home with your car but it’s possible with your scooter. Of course, with alternative way.

I have been thinking about this flooding-again. It is like a chain. We can not only see to “higher street” that goverment made or trash/waste is everywhere or drainage system, but about geographical of this place. We live in the base of “bowl”. That is mean we live sorrounded by higher level or ground, let we say it mountains. The closest mountain is Mountain Manglayang. As long as I know is, mountain give much advantage for humans, animals, plants, bacterium, or whatever it is. For us as human, we know that mountain has plenty of big trees. The big trees (yes of course for the small trees also) can hold water/absorb the water. Yeah, for the simple and ideal thought.

But in fact, Mountain Manglayang is going to be our “disaster” now. Housing is everywhere. They use Mountain Manglayang as a place for live, as a place for plant vegetables, fruits, etc. Humans already reduced infiltration area. That’s mean my house area is never changed. It feels like this is our fate to live in flooding, maybe in future I have to get a boat to go to campus/work. Wooah… Thus, the real disaster is .. human! something wrong with us to make nature/enviroment “says” bad things.

I have been thinking again for brilliant people who live in this area and study in number one university in Indonesia. Many of them got scholarship to Europe, America, or other countries. Can we make something better for our house area here?
But ya.. like I said it is “chain” here. We can not do it with our self. We need someone “strong” to make authority to make something better here. Especially for make better urban design. At least we need hand and brain to stop this flooding and then nature will “says” good things.


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Arumsari Veldman

Arumsari Veldman

I have a dream to be a traveller. Currently, I still live in Indonesia (Bandung-West Java) and I'm going to move to The Netherlands soon. This blog may be still so much far from perfect grammar. But I'll do the best. So enjoy my blog!

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